Iris Bauer
Coach für Bewusstseinsentwicklung  - Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie gemäß Heilpraktikergesetz (§1 HPG)


Systemic psychotherapy and family constellations

A "Mobile" is a piece of sculpture having delicately balanced units suspended in midair by wire, so that the individual parts can move. Each movement, though, has an impact on each other part. It is the same with (family-)systems, often passed down generations. Each member of a family or organization can be compared with the individual part of a mobile. It is anxious to keep and re-establish the balance, order and stability as far as possible. So it can happen that painful patterns of the ancestors are taken over by the client. Simple, deeply acting detachment rituals help to give these disturbing                                                                                         behaviours back to the ancestors. 

Therefore Iris concentrates during a systemic consultation at the relationships and the behaviours of the involved persons in order to find individual solutions. It is imperative that information about the family members and their fates are sketched in an initial interview.

The systemic constellation work on a system board offers a protected environment for your issues because only the client and the counsellor are involved. Iris has the chance to give you the space and time you need and look after you individually. She uses wooden figures or shaped animals on the system board. These figures symbolise the systemic representative and make known systemic forces and interactions. Changes can happen in the very moment we become aware of certain things.