Iris Bauer
Coach für Bewusstseinsentwicklung  - Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie gemäß Heilpraktikergesetz (§1 HPG)

Aura- Soma®

The Aura-Soma Colour Care System


Aura-Soma is balancing all levels of the enery systems. Nowadays, Aura-Soma has become a precious companion in order to cope with the splits between spirituality and daily life paired with high sensitivity. Aura-Soma can help to open to life again by letting go sorrowful experiences of the past: 

  • Aura-Soma was foundet in 1983 by Vicky Wall. It s a unique holistic colour-care-system that has maintained on the market for over 30 years.
  • Aura-Soma means „body of light“. It is a growing, living, non-instrusive awareness system.
  • The heart of Aura-Soma are the equilibrium bottles based on water and oil, containing the vibrational energies of colours, plants and crystals in combination with light in order to harmonise body, mind and spirit of mankind.
  • Aura-Soma consists of 5 columns: The already mentioned equilibrium-oils, pomanders, quintessences, archangelois and colour essences.  
  • Significant for Aura-Soma are the readings based on a four bottles choice. Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma® says: „You are the colours you choose and these reflect the needs of your soul.” This is the basis of the 4-bottles-reading wich is my heart bear: 

 Aura-Soma®-Readings/The 4-bottles-choice  


The client chooses his favourite 4 bottles out of more than 117. Interpreting these colour choices allows a view on the client’s timeline, talents, gifts, conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality, current issues and possible solutions.

If you use the chosen equilibriumoil together with the corresponding pomander and quintessence they will accompany you in a gentle way through the current process of consciousness.  The Aura-Soma®-Colour-Care-System is a holistic soul therapy which allows to include the universal, intuitive knowledge of colour and light and its harmonising and balancing power in my work.

I feel privileged to share my experiences with these wonderful equilibrium bottles, pomanders, and quintessences and the magic of natural aroma and colour with you.

On a regular basis Iris offers information events, worskships and 4-days-practioner trainings. Please contact her for details and schedule agreements. 

I am looking forward to your visit!  

Yours, Iris Bauer   


                                                                                                                                                               (Aura-Soma is a registered trademark in Tetford, UK)